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Kylie Minogue Bedding for a Celebrity Style Boudoir

Kylie Minogue Bedding, Stunning Designs, Cushions, Curtains, Throws, Velvet, Satin, Diamanté, Pearls, Sequins


The award winning and talented pop artiste Kylie Minogue has seen her career sky-rocket over the years, delighting fans with her singing, song writing and stage performances. Her successes are not limited to music, and she is known for a variety of other endeavours including dancing, fashion design, perfume production and a range of home couture.

This internationally recognised star has amassed a countless amount of accolades including several GRAMMY’S, Brit Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, German Bambi Awards, NME, ARIA Awards and many more.

She achieved the enviable status of most played female artist on UK radio, and has completed numerous live tours. In 1991, Kylie became the only act in the history of British pop music at that time to see their first 13 releases all go Top 10. With worldwide record sales of more than 68 million, she is truly a pop icon, and has contributed to her output production many times by writing music for tracks, composing lyrics and directing on certain videos. Kylie now has 46 consecutive chart-topping U.K. hits and there is no sign of her flame dying down.

Kylie Minogue is an extremely chameleon like performer, who can switch effortlessly between persona’s such as girl next door, showgirl, romantic heroine and sultry seductress. Her ability to sensationally reinvent herself, while remaining the same lovable, warm character, has amazed fans and media alike.

Kylie joined TV singing competition The Voice 2014 as one of the panel of judges where her presence resulted in the show receiving elevated viewing figures of around 2 million, this rivalled X-Factor audiences. Kylie has enjoyed working on the show, but regrets that she will be unable to appear on the next series due to tour commitments. She signed a new management deal in 2013 with Jay Z’S Roc Nation, who also manage artistes like Rihanna, J Cole and Shakira. Kylie’s latest album release ‘Kiss Me Once’ demonstrates the timeless Kylie appeal, with excellent tracks like the uplifting, ‘Into The Blue’, which was released in January.

Kylie Minogue is the embodiment of charm and charisma, aspects of her personality which are reflected in whatever she does. Her chic elegance is evident in her personal style, perfume collection and bedding range.

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