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Qualified, Skilled and Considerate Builders in Essex

Premier Build Ltd represent everything that is excellent about a local builder. Essex based Premier Build have all the skills they need in-house, from NICEIC qualified electricians, Gas Safe registered heating engineers, and master craftsmen.

In 2015, Premier Build Ltd will celebrate 30 years in the business. In that time they have renovated, refurbished, converted and extended houses and homes throughout Essex and the surrounding areas. Premier Build regularly undertake building insurance work and are as happy to take on smaller repairs as they are to manage the entire project for new build homes.

Premier Build Ltd like a challenge and have developed an excellent reputation for identifying and rectifying the causes of problems that have left less qualified builders scratching their heads. This is often the case with recurrent damp and water damage. Premier Build have the technical background  and experience to track water damage back to its source Рwhether it is a rising water table, poor drainage or faulty plumbing.

Quality is at the heart of everything Premier Build do. They work closely with their customers to ensure the finished result is everything it should be and could be. Premier Build are able to oversee all aspects of planning and building control. Imaginative and practical design brings a creative use of space throughout a home. Workmanship of the highest standard and using quality materials – brought in at the best possible prices – add style and value to any home.

Premier Build are considerate builders – to the environment and to the home. Work is scheduled to minimise the impact on the homeowners and carried out with the greatest attention to detail, both inside and out.

For more information, including examples of recent projects, see the new Premier Build article on the TK Projects website or visit

Qualified, Skilled and Considerate Builders in Essex

Waterjet Cutting for Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works are one of the leading UK companies for manufacturing metal components, metal plating and machine parts. Unicorn have a strong record in combining the latest innovations in cutting edge technology with traditional techniques in sheet metal fabrication.

With two high precision laser cutting machines already installed in their processing plant near Newcastle in the North East of England, Unicorn have continued in their investment in the latest technology with the acquisition of a Swiss-engineered Bystronic Byjet waterjet cutting system.

Waterjet systems are the perfect solution for accurately cutting a host of metals and other materials. Waterjet ¬†works on reflective metals – including stainless steel, titanium, copper and brass – where lasers can ‘bounce’ off shinier surfaces.

Unicorn’s new Bystronic Byjet Classic 4020 waterjet machine is capable of cutting through sheet metal over 100mm thick. Dual cutting heads and a generous 4m x 2m bed area, supported by CAD programming and sprayhead water pressure in excess of 3,000bar give Unicorn the ability to cut through large plate, twice as fast and more efficiently than ever before. This leads to great results, a quick turnaround time, excellent quality products and a more economical service for their customers.

Unicorn work with manufacturing companies from all over the UK and in Europe. They produce brass machine parts from the offshore oil industry, titanium profiles for aerospace manufactures, copper components for electricity distribution and armour plating for defence contractors. In fact the list goes on and on.

With traditional metal fabrication techniques at their disposal, Unicorn Sheet Metal Works are able to complete the manufacturing process for most metal products. From MIG & TIG welding to rolling, drilling and pressing, Unicorn have the skills, tools and experience that count.

For more information on all aspects of sheet metal fabrication visit Unicorn at

Waterjet Cutting for Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication