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Time to Bring in the Building Consultancy Experts

Qualified Builders Offering Building Consultancy, Renovations, Redesigns, New Builds, Refurbishments, Extensions in Shenfield & Brentwood

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When structural issues arise within your home, office or business premises, it is wise to seek the advice of seasoned professionals. Our web promotion partners Premier Build Ltd, offer a comprehensive range of building services, including specialised building consultancy, aimed at providing an in depth identification and analysis of any issue. Premier Build Ltd have an impressive reputation for achieving results where others have failed time and again, partly due to their ability to approach problems from the viewpoint of a qualified builder. Armed with an appreciation of the relevant factors involved and the best way to deal with them based on experience, Premier Build Ltd will usually find a satisfactory solution.

A major headache for many home-owners in places like Shenfield, Brentwood, Theydon Bois and Epping, is the presence of damp, the cause of which can often be elusive. Premier Build Ltd, draw on their vast knowledge and expertise to resolve issues like this, and you can read about their successes in the Building Consultancy section of their website. One example involves a house which, for a long time, had many builders and surveyors scratching their heads, and which had had £100,000 spent on repairs. The cause of the damp was put down to a plumbing leak, and when it was still not addressed, Premier Build Ltd were approached. They quickly uncovered the source of the problem, and reported that the outside ground level was too elevated, allowing water ingress. These building specialists were then asked to undertake the remedial work, and installed a new external drainage system and an internal cavity membrane tanking system, which swiftly cured the problem.

Premier Build Ltd bring a professional and efficient service to every aspect of their business, whether it be new builds, rebuilds, renovations, extensions or refurbishments in areas like Theydon Bois and Epping. They offer a project management service in Brentwood and Shenfield, which is second to none, and will carry out complete new builds, to smaller refurbishments incorporating things like foundation underpinning, structural steel construction, roofing, drainage, rendering, plastering, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, heating, electrics, plumbing and every other type of building related work.

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Comprehensive Range of Building Services, Project Management & Business Consultancy in Theydon Bois & Epping, Essex