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What Type of Flooring for your Shop?

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When designing your retail business, you should consider the image you wish to portray, and what kind of customers you want to attract. The look and feel of your shop is just about as important as the goods or services you offer, and giving it that wow factor can have very positive results. Along with artistic displays, spectacular lighting, unique shelving and contemporary counters, the flooring you choose will affect the overall presentation.

The look and comfort of your flooring is one of the keys to success, did you know, that apparently when people enter a shop they look down to the floor seven more times than they look up! So flooring choices matter, but you need to pick wisely unless you can afford to replace it frequently when worn, damaged or stained.

What type of shop will you have, and what sort of traffic will it’s floors get?

Rural & Coastal

Rural businesses often cover the area from the entrance to the middle of the floor with rush matting, due to the frequency of wet, muddy feet. Shops near the coast also have to take into account the effect of salt water and strong sunshine, particularly if their flooring extends to an outdoor awning.

Bicycle Stores

Non slip flooring is a must for bike shops, due to the ease with which people can lose control of their bikes when walking with them, which can fall and become damaged or cause injury.

High End Jewellers

These shops like to ooze luxury and opulence, so floors are often cushioned or have lush [but hard wearing] carpets.

Discount Stores

Vinyl covering or concrete here gives the message that savings are passed on to the customer, while large shopping centres and walkways use polished stone to communicate upmarket appeal.

Caf├ęs, Hotels & Restaurants

Customer safety is a priority for businesses, and slippery floors come with risks like slips and falls, especially if wet.

Engineered wood floor is a popular option, as it is tough and durable, carpets are also a favourite choice, as these days they can be lush and extremely hard wearing. For an excellent choice of carpets, flooring, and second to none customer service call Wood Street Carpets on 01245 358900

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Choosing your New Carpet

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There is something wonderful about a new carpet, and once you decide you’re having one, you will be faced with a mind boggling array of choices. These include a never ending variety of colours, patterns, textures, styles and designs, but what about fibres? Options available are man made, natural or a mixture of the two, and here are some things to help you to decide.

Man Made Carpets

This choice is usually composed of nylon (polyamide), polypropylene (olefin) or polyester, which do a pretty good job, and are fairly resistant to stains etc for the most part. Nylon is a popular choice and has resilient fibres which will bounce back when flattened, but stains need to be dealt with immediately or they may become permanent. Polypropylene is quite an inexpensive choice and has good stain resistance, although fibres may flatten and become matted in heavy traffic areas. Polyester has recovered it’s reputation in recent times, and gives quite versatile results, if also a little prone to matting where there is high foot traffic.

Wool and Natural Fibres

Natural fibres like wool are the only way to go for many who enjoy comfort, warmth and elegance within the home. There are some amazing modern styles to choose from, all with the inherent quality and character of wool, as seen in the Roger Oates range at Harley Carpets. Wool is not only luxurious, but surprisingly tough when it comes to wearability, it is stain and soil resistant and naturally fire retardant. It is the high performance nature of wool coupled with an opulent feel that makes it a winner.

Natural and Synthetic Blends

Some people go for a blend of wool and man made fibres for even greater resilience, while retaining the feel of wool. It’s important to choose carefully when looking for a new carpet, as hopefully you will have it for a very long time, and will want it to look as good as new!

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Working Safely at Height

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If you’re anything like us at TK Projects, you love getting started on a new job, seeing how the work progresses and presenting the client with the end result. We deal with all aspects of shopfitting and office fit outs including design and installation. We cater to many familiar, high end clients such as Waterstone’s, JD Sports, Thorntons, The Trafford Centre, Lab Retail and Canterbury of New Zealand, providing environments which reflect the successful nature of these companies. We are specialists in looking at every angle for each project, and identifying problems within existing architectural plans. We are happy to have consistently saved several clients time and money by this vigilance, and are proud of the reputation we have achieved.

One essential priority for us is the safety of our staff during completion of the work, and everybody else associated either during or after the work is finished. Our contracts frequently involve working at height, sometimes with electrical equipment. Ensuring that the appropriate access equipment is utilised in this case is extremely important. This not only safeguards workers but establishes best practice, and demonstrates a responsible approach.

Any project undertaken using inferior or inappropriate equipment or tools is doomed to failure, and may also cause injury. Fortunately there are a range of excellent high performance access products available for just about any job. Powered access equipment includes Scissor Lifts of various sizes, Mast Lifts and Boom Lifts. All of which provide an effective solution to working at height comfortably and safely.

These items can be hired in Essex and London from companies like Rhino Plant Hire, where you will find a wide choice of powered and non powered access equipment. An extensive list of access equipment includes Combination Step Ladders, Pole Ladders, Roof Ladders, Builder’s Trestles, Handrail Systems, Podium Steps, Platforms and Towers. Rhino also offer high quality used plant for sale at very attractive prices, for those who wish to own their own machines, so call them on 01277 372 626.

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