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What are the Latest Home Improvement Trends for 2020?

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There has been a lot of activity around professional home improvements and DIY in the last little while, for obvious reasons! But do you ever wonder what the most popular ways are that people are changing their homes? We know that extensions and conservatories have always been major favourites for those wishing to change or upgrade their humble abodes. So the recent Rated People Home Improvement Trends report seems like required reading. They carried out some pretty extensive research which included talking to tradespeople, home-owners, and also analysing a million jobs throughout the UK.

What did they discover?

These findings aren’t just interesting from an idle curiosity perspective, they offer important information for those wishing to sell their homes in the not too distant future. Giving potential sellers a heads up about what buyers are looking for, and consequently an advantage. It’s also good news for specialists in the industry such as SJP Building Services.

  • Open plan becoming less requested

The research revealed evidence that open plan living is decreasing, as people seem to want separate living spaces. Work that involves replacing a previously removed wall has increased 350% in 2020.

  • Tone it down

Toning down the d├ęcor and making the home less ‘individual’ or unusual has been top of the list for many this year, as more generic surroundings will sell a home faster.

  • Renovation

Apparently millennials are the most likely group to carry out major renovations in 2020, thought partly due to the lack of housing. This forces people to buy a less desirable property with a view to renovating.

  • Eco Friendly Home Improvements

This type of home upgrade is becoming incredibly widespread as awareness about sustainability and carbon footprints grows. It was a priority for 14% of home owners in 2019 and that figure is expected to double by the end of 2020

  • Secure and safe environments

Protecting our homes has been an ongoing concern, with the biggest popularity spike being installation of fire alarms, up by 178%. Installation of CCTV is up 134% and security gate installation has risen by 72%.


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