Affordable Lease Finance for Tax Efficient Air Conditioning

In a recent article on the TK Projects partner pages, Lease Air Conditioning outline the advantages of lease finance for the installation and maintenance of energy efficient air conditioning systems.

Lease Air Conditioning is the lease finance arm of Turn Key Air Conditioning, one of the UK’s leading design and engineering firms for commercial air conditioning systems. TK Air Conditioning clients include retail outlets, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, airports and public buildings. 

Turn Key introduced lease hire as an option for its clients when they realised that they were often retro-fitting air conditioning in buildings that had only recently been built of refurbished. It seemed that air conditioning had usually been part of the original designs but had been postponed due to financial constraints at the time. And yet the fact remains that it is usually more expensive to add air conditioning at a later stage than installing it at the same time as other building work. 

Lease finance for air conditioning offers many benefits.

• Fixed monthly payments
• Payments are unaffected by changes in interest rates
• There are no fixed or floating charges or other security required
• Lease finance preserves other lines of credit for other applications
• Payments are 100% Tax Allowable

Lease finance can cover all aspects of the building refurbishment project including architects fees and design costs as well as all capital expenditure. Air conditioning maintenance and servicing costs can also be included so there will be no unexpected bills at a later date. And at the end of the lease finance period, all air conditioning equipment is transferred to the client for a prearranged and nominal fee.

To see how lease hire finance for air conditioning helps new businesses, established businesses and property managers, see the article on the TK Retail website or visit