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What are the Latest Home Improvement Trends for 2020?

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There has been a lot of activity around professional home improvements and DIY in the last little while, for obvious reasons! But do you ever wonder what the most popular ways are that people are changing their homes? We know that extensions and conservatories have always been major favourites for those wishing to change or upgrade their humble abodes. So the recent Rated People Home Improvement Trends report seems like required reading. They carried out some pretty extensive research which included talking to tradespeople, home-owners, and also analysing a million jobs throughout the UK.

What did they discover?

These findings aren’t just interesting from an idle curiosity perspective, they offer important information for those wishing to sell their homes in the not too distant future. Giving potential sellers a heads up about what buyers are looking for, and consequently an advantage. It’s also good news for specialists in the industry such as SJP Building Services.

  • Open plan becoming less requested

The research revealed evidence that open plan living is decreasing, as people seem to want separate living spaces. Work that involves replacing a previously removed wall has increased 350% in 2020.

  • Tone it down

Toning down the décor and making the home less ‘individual’ or unusual has been top of the list for many this year, as more generic surroundings will sell a home faster.

  • Renovation

Apparently millennials are the most likely group to carry out major renovations in 2020, thought partly due to the lack of housing. This forces people to buy a less desirable property with a view to renovating.

  • Eco Friendly Home Improvements

This type of home upgrade is becoming incredibly widespread as awareness about sustainability and carbon footprints grows. It was a priority for 14% of home owners in 2019 and that figure is expected to double by the end of 2020

  • Secure and safe environments

Protecting our homes has been an ongoing concern, with the biggest popularity spike being installation of fire alarms, up by 178%. Installation of CCTV is up 134% and security gate installation has risen by 72%.


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4 Stages of a Building Project

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As most experts within the design and build industry know, the worst thing you can do is jump into your home improvement project without thinking it through. While we can all be guilty of sitting around procrastinating, there are stages that must not be skipped if you are to be successful. A home or business premises can be transformed by a professionally carried out renovation or refurbishment, as long as some all important steps are observed.

Whatever the size of the project, it’s a good idea to find designers and construction specialists who will work together, this avoids a host of problems. Pre-construction is not a waste of time as some think, but a perquisite for a smooth operation and desired outcome. Also failure to put proper planning in place is more likely to cost time and money, and as the foundations of a building need to be rock solid, so does this aspect.

Here are a few tips to take on board, for the best possible results for your project:-

1. Find a Reputable Professional

Professional, reliable and experienced builders are of course what we mean, experts who are willing to work closely with their customers and listen carefully. There are companies that offer a vast range of services, covering every need within your build from A to Z. Reputable companies like Multi Building Services Ltd offer new builds, renovations, refurbishments, extensions, conversions, project management, local authority liaison and interior design.

2. Come Up With a Plan

Working together, all involved can propose and discuss ideas, and decide on aspects such as budget, extent of work, each separate job and desired outcome, design. style and time scale of the work. The concept will be drawn up by architects, and the project manager will complete spreadsheets concerning budget goals etc.

3. Permissions and Permits

Specific permits and planning permissions are required for each construction project, and this can take a little time, but some construction companies offer to liaise with local authorities on your behalf, which simplifies things and alleviates much of the stress.

4. Contract Signing

Once everything is agreed and organised and permits are issued contracts can be written up and signed and you are on your way to an exciting new home.

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Making Big Changes

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Starting up your own business can be a daunting prospect, yet a very rewarding one if done in the right way. Many people have the desire to start their own company but often dismiss the idea as a daydream. This doesn’t have to be the case though, as lots of people make a go of their new business start up, and are reaping the rewards. According to a variety of recent surveys, one in ten people who were asked in 2017 intended to start their own business within a year, that’s around 3.2 million who aimed to be their own boss. That’s a huge percentage of aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the UK.

The freedom to work for oneself, and have the power to make your own decisions is very tempting, as employees sometimes feel that they have no control over their work life. According to statistics, some of the main reasons for wanting to start a business include:-

  • 52% said they wanted an improved work-life balance
  • 51% sought to change their type of work
  • 37% said they want to earn more
  • 36% want to follow their passion
  • 35% desire a greater sense of achievement

There were more women than men who wanted to work for themselves too [11% as opposed to 8%], and women were more likely to want to do this in order to fulfil family commitments. A higher rate of men sight increased earnings as a motivating factor. There is also a trend for younger working people to want to be their own boss, in fact 67% of 18 – 24 year olds.

It isn’t something that should be rushed into though, as careful planning and persistence are keys to success here. Maintaining a healthy cash flow can be tricky and it’s a good idea to get professional advice, from specialists like John S Culwick. He is highly experienced in assisting those wishing to embark on being a business owner, call him on 01268 680702.

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Terrazzo for Commercial Applications

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When it comes to floors in places like airports, shops, hospitals, factories and schools you need a product that not only looks good, but that can withstand any amount of traffic. This includes feet and also heavy trolley’s, machinery and other mobile equipment being continually pushed or pulled across the surface.

The right flooring choice in these environments is crucial if you wish to avoid frequent repair and replacement troubles. Terrazzo flooring is practical, functional and visually pleasing, with its interesting details and glossy finish. Its scratch and stain resistant nature makes it perfect for coping with the punishment doled out to these floors on a daily basis.

Tarrazzo floor is a composite consisting of chips of quartz, marble, granite, glass, or other materials including metal which are poured with a cement binder. It originated in 16th century Italy, and was it’s purpose was to reuse stone offcuts. Smooth and tactile, this type of flooring is an investment, and is also available as tiles for walls and floors. Its longevity has been noted by stone specialists who are often called out to restore 100 year old Terrazzo flooring.

This flooring system is appearing in some of the most prestigious establishments such as Leicester Square Kitchen, a restaurant in the centre of London’s iconic square. Home and business owners are frequently spoilt for choice when buying Terrazzo flooring, as colour and design options are numerous. It’s great for use with underfloor heating, and if treated for water resistance is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. As it can be moulded, it is even being used to make furniture and other items.

If installed and maintained by experts, well looked after Terrazzo floor is a joy to behold, fits into any decorating scheme, and will raise the profile of any property.

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The Beauty of Wood

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Wood has special qualities that appeal to a variety of different senses and is used extensively throughout the commercial and retail sectors. Restaurants, cafés and bistros are increasingly searching for a look and feel that is individual and attractive as well as practical. Highly polished and treated wood has a wonderfully smooth and tactile quality, yet is hard wearing and easy to clean. This natural material can be carefully crafted to provide unique and beautiful results which are either traditional or chic and futuristic in design. Wood can be used together with other natural or man made materials like metal or plastic, for a contemporary edge.

While wood harks back to times gone by, it is prepared and constructed to a much higher level than in the past, with no warping or splitting, and is also less expensive. Finishes and sealants are far advanced these days, comprising of space age polymers that give significant protection against moisture or damage. In a restaurant environment or similar, the wooden furniture of today needs a simple wipe over with a duster to retain glossy and pristine surfaces.

Those planning a new restaurant or wanting to refurbish their existing premises, should consider some of the stunning products available featuring wood, whether it’s furniture or fittings. Think about the overall look, and atmosphere you are trying to achieve, along with customer comfort. When it comes to a choice between plastic and wood, both have their advantages, although many feel that plastic can look garish and cheap, while wood takes your space up a notch.

Timber will always be around as it is one of the most versatile and strong materials we have, used for furniture, windows and doors, sheds and outdoor buildings, decking, garden fences and carports. It can be manipulated by craftsmen to provide a vast range of products both attractive and functional.

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What Type of Flooring for your Shop?

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When designing your retail business, you should consider the image you wish to portray, and what kind of customers you want to attract. The look and feel of your shop is just about as important as the goods or services you offer, and giving it that wow factor can have very positive results. Along with artistic displays, spectacular lighting, unique shelving and contemporary counters, the flooring you choose will affect the overall presentation.

The look and comfort of your flooring is one of the keys to success, did you know, that apparently when people enter a shop they look down to the floor seven more times than they look up! So flooring choices matter, but you need to pick wisely unless you can afford to replace it frequently when worn, damaged or stained.

What type of shop will you have, and what sort of traffic will it’s floors get?

Rural & Coastal

Rural businesses often cover the area from the entrance to the middle of the floor with rush matting, due to the frequency of wet, muddy feet. Shops near the coast also have to take into account the effect of salt water and strong sunshine, particularly if their flooring extends to an outdoor awning.

Bicycle Stores

Non slip flooring is a must for bike shops, due to the ease with which people can lose control of their bikes when walking with them, which can fall and become damaged or cause injury.

High End Jewellers

These shops like to ooze luxury and opulence, so floors are often cushioned or have lush [but hard wearing] carpets.

Discount Stores

Vinyl covering or concrete here gives the message that savings are passed on to the customer, while large shopping centres and walkways use polished stone to communicate upmarket appeal.

Cafés, Hotels & Restaurants

Customer safety is a priority for businesses, and slippery floors come with risks like slips and falls, especially if wet.

Engineered wood floor is a popular option, as it is tough and durable, carpets are also a favourite choice, as these days they can be lush and extremely hard wearing. For an excellent choice of carpets, flooring, and second to none customer service call Wood Street Carpets on 01245 358900

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Choosing your New Carpet

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There is something wonderful about a new carpet, and once you decide you’re having one, you will be faced with a mind boggling array of choices. These include a never ending variety of colours, patterns, textures, styles and designs, but what about fibres? Options available are man made, natural or a mixture of the two, and here are some things to help you to decide.

Man Made Carpets

This choice is usually composed of nylon (polyamide), polypropylene (olefin) or polyester, which do a pretty good job, and are fairly resistant to stains etc for the most part. Nylon is a popular choice and has resilient fibres which will bounce back when flattened, but stains need to be dealt with immediately or they may become permanent. Polypropylene is quite an inexpensive choice and has good stain resistance, although fibres may flatten and become matted in heavy traffic areas. Polyester has recovered it’s reputation in recent times, and gives quite versatile results, if also a little prone to matting where there is high foot traffic.

Wool and Natural Fibres

Natural fibres like wool are the only way to go for many who enjoy comfort, warmth and elegance within the home. There are some amazing modern styles to choose from, all with the inherent quality and character of wool, as seen in the Roger Oates range at Harley Carpets. Wool is not only luxurious, but surprisingly tough when it comes to wearability, it is stain and soil resistant and naturally fire retardant. It is the high performance nature of wool coupled with an opulent feel that makes it a winner.

Natural and Synthetic Blends

Some people go for a blend of wool and man made fibres for even greater resilience, while retaining the feel of wool. It’s important to choose carefully when looking for a new carpet, as hopefully you will have it for a very long time, and will want it to look as good as new!

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Working Safely at Height

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If you’re anything like us at TK Projects, you love getting started on a new job, seeing how the work progresses and presenting the client with the end result. We deal with all aspects of shopfitting and office fit outs including design and installation. We cater to many familiar, high end clients such as Waterstone’s, JD Sports, Thorntons, The Trafford Centre, Lab Retail and Canterbury of New Zealand, providing environments which reflect the successful nature of these companies. We are specialists in looking at every angle for each project, and identifying problems within existing architectural plans. We are happy to have consistently saved several clients time and money by this vigilance, and are proud of the reputation we have achieved.

One essential priority for us is the safety of our staff during completion of the work, and everybody else associated either during or after the work is finished. Our contracts frequently involve working at height, sometimes with electrical equipment. Ensuring that the appropriate access equipment is utilised in this case is extremely important. This not only safeguards workers but establishes best practice, and demonstrates a responsible approach.

Any project undertaken using inferior or inappropriate equipment or tools is doomed to failure, and may also cause injury. Fortunately there are a range of excellent high performance access products available for just about any job. Powered access equipment includes Scissor Lifts of various sizes, Mast Lifts and Boom Lifts. All of which provide an effective solution to working at height comfortably and safely.

These items can be hired in Essex and London from companies like Rhino Plant Hire, where you will find a wide choice of powered and non powered access equipment. An extensive list of access equipment includes Combination Step Ladders, Pole Ladders, Roof Ladders, Builder’s Trestles, Handrail Systems, Podium Steps, Platforms and Towers. Rhino also offer high quality used plant for sale at very attractive prices, for those who wish to own their own machines, so call them on 01277 372 626.

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Professional Shopfitting Service

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TK ProjectsEmbarking on a new shopfitting project is an exciting prospect, which will hopefully result in a an attractive and highly functional outcome. TK Projects have, over the years, been delighted to be involved in the journeys of some successful business, and watched several of our customers grow and prosper.
Sports retail company Allsports are one of these, and we are extremely happy to be involved in the ongoing development of their business, by providing a tailored professional service. Julian Wilkinson, Estates Director of Allsports, wrote about our special business/client relationship, which began in 1993. He uses expressions like ‘high quality standards’, ‘true flair and expertise’, and talks about our speed, efficiency, and commitment to deadlines and budgets. We are always grateful to any customer who contributes to our referrals page, as this informs and instils confidence in new and potential clients.

We have been contracted on a regular basis to provide shopfitting services to the specialist bookshop Ottakar’s, and their managing director James Heneage, points to our ‘loyalty, flexibility and and consistency. We worked with this company for many years, and James thanked us for our ability to respond to any tight work regimes that were imposed on us. We always endeavour to work with business owners, to professionally design and complete shop fronts and fit outs expertly while covering all considerations.

TK Projects were commended by Northallerton Civic Society, who are concerned with retaining the attractive image of the Northallerton high street, for the Ottakar’s shop front design. We were also commended by conservation officers for the sympathetic design of the shopfront of Ottakar’s book shop in a Grade 2 listed building in Cheltenham. We strive to practise a continual philosophy of blending exceptional and innovative appearance with user friendly practicality and technology. We take the greatest care whether its structural steelwork fittings, display units, new floors, escalators or air conditioning units.

Our associate business Turn Key Air Conditioning Ltd, offer high performance, concept to completion air conditioning systems for domestic or commercial customers nationwide. They are also specialists in the installation and maintenance of air source heat pumps which you can read more about at

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Time to Bring in the Building Consultancy Experts

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When structural issues arise within your home, office or business premises, it is wise to seek the advice of seasoned professionals. Our web promotion partners Premier Build Ltd, offer a comprehensive range of building services, including specialised building consultancy, aimed at providing an in depth identification and analysis of any issue. Premier Build Ltd have an impressive reputation for achieving results where others have failed time and again, partly due to their ability to approach problems from the viewpoint of a qualified builder. Armed with an appreciation of the relevant factors involved and the best way to deal with them based on experience, Premier Build Ltd will usually find a satisfactory solution.

A major headache for many home-owners in places like Shenfield, Brentwood, Theydon Bois and Epping, is the presence of damp, the cause of which can often be elusive. Premier Build Ltd, draw on their vast knowledge and expertise to resolve issues like this, and you can read about their successes in the Building Consultancy section of their website. One example involves a house which, for a long time, had many builders and surveyors scratching their heads, and which had had £100,000 spent on repairs. The cause of the damp was put down to a plumbing leak, and when it was still not addressed, Premier Build Ltd were approached. They quickly uncovered the source of the problem, and reported that the outside ground level was too elevated, allowing water ingress. These building specialists were then asked to undertake the remedial work, and installed a new external drainage system and an internal cavity membrane tanking system, which swiftly cured the problem.

Premier Build Ltd bring a professional and efficient service to every aspect of their business, whether it be new builds, rebuilds, renovations, extensions or refurbishments in areas like Theydon Bois and Epping. They offer a project management service in Brentwood and Shenfield, which is second to none, and will carry out complete new builds, to smaller refurbishments incorporating things like foundation underpinning, structural steel construction, roofing, drainage, rendering, plastering, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, heating, electrics, plumbing and every other type of building related work.

Call Premier Build Ltd on 01277 280 497

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