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cafeIt’s been a rocky time for cafés, bars and restaurants thanks to the Coronavirus, as places where people meet each other and relax are out of bounds during lockdown. The latest measures are in place until at least mid February, but there is some optimism due to the arrival of vaccines. The latest rules say that people can only leave home for certain reasons permitted in law. These include shopping for essentials or getting to work if it’s absolutely impossible to work from home. Other acceptable reasons are for exercise, to seek medical assistance like getting a Covid test, or to escape domestic abuse.

Cases of the disease are on the rise everywhere, and the new variant is not only more transmissible, but now they believe, more deadly. In fact, if the situation continues, there is a real risk of the NHS becoming overwhelmed in many areas. The hospitality sector has suffered significantly in the last year, and closures have been widespread. Essential shops are allowed to open during lockdown, and there is some confusion about what this means.

The guidelines say that food shops, pharmacies, supermarkets and garden centres are among those that may stay open. Those that must remain closed are the likes of homeware and clothing stores, tobacconists, vape shops, card shops, betting shops and car showrooms [unless for rental]. This is just part of a long list. People can still order takeaway food, and several establishments have been able to adjust. Cafés, pubs, restaurants and other venues may provide food and non alcoholic drinks for takeaway before 11pm. Although alcoholic drinks are a no no for these services.

Many businesses are taking this opportunity to upgrade or make changes to their premises, using specialists such as our associate business TK Retail Design. Some of these modifications may be as a result of the pandemic, with companies thinking ahead. TK Retail Design have a vast expertise in transforming spaces for a stunning and highly functional outcome.


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