Choosing your New Carpet

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There is something wonderful about a new carpet, and once you decide you’re having one, you will be faced with a mind boggling array of choices. These include a never ending variety of colours, patterns, textures, styles and designs, but what about fibres? Options available are man made, natural or a mixture of the two, and here are some things to help you to decide.

Man Made Carpets

This choice is usually composed of nylon (polyamide), polypropylene (olefin) or polyester, which do a pretty good job, and are fairly resistant to stains etc for the most part. Nylon is a popular choice and has resilient fibres which will bounce back when flattened, but stains need to be dealt with immediately or they may become permanent. Polypropylene is quite an inexpensive choice and has good stain resistance, although fibres may flatten and become matted in heavy traffic areas. Polyester has recovered it’s reputation in recent times, and gives quite versatile results, if also a little prone to matting where there is high foot traffic.

Wool and Natural Fibres

Natural fibres like wool are the only way to go for many who enjoy comfort, warmth and elegance within the home. There are some amazing modern styles to choose from, all with the inherent quality and character of wool, as seen in the Roger Oates range at Harley Carpets. Wool is not only luxurious, but surprisingly tough when it comes to wearability, it is stain and soil resistant and naturally fire retardant. It is the high performance nature of wool coupled with an opulent feel that makes it a winner.

Natural and Synthetic Blends

Some people go for a blend of wool and man made fibres for even greater resilience, while retaining the feel of wool. It’s important to choose carefully when looking for a new carpet, as hopefully you will have it for a very long time, and will want it to look as good as new!

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