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Welfare Units – A ‘Must Have’ on the Construction Site

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Welfare UnitsWelfare units are well known throughout the construction industry, although not everybody is clear about their purpose. Facilities such as welfare units can increasingly be found at building sites or anywhere where hard physical work is carried out. It is now a legal requirement for site managers to ensure that staff have access to necessary amenities.

Welfare units [sometimes called Groundhog cabins] provide a place to relax, shelter, get clean, eat and attend to personal needs. They offer everything in one self-contained space and are particularly useful in extreme weather. It is difficult to carry out demanding work in high temperatures and freezing conditions. Apart from anything else, nobody performs well if they’re cold, soaked through and uncomfortable.

Rhinos Plant Hire have a range of mobile welfare units for hire from leading manufacturers Boss Cabins, perfect for your project in Croydon. These cabins have been designed with every consideration in mind whether you need a canteen, office, storage area or all of the above. Being mobile they can be moved to wherever they are needed, and are completely versatile. As mentioned this type of welfare facility is now a government requirement, and fines have already been issued. They are of course even more important since Covid 19 appeared, and frequent washing of hands etc became essential.

Welfare units should be safe, secure, clean, accessible and well maintained, they avoid the dilemma of finding somewhere to use the toilet and clean up. Boss units have seating areas, tables, basic food and drink preparation, storage, charging facilities, chemical toilets and drying rooms. They come in a choice of sizes and specifications depending on how many people are to be catered to. Check out the comprehensive range of plant machinery, tools, equipment and welfare units at Rhinos

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Changing Our Surroundings

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cafeIt’s been a rocky time for cafés, bars and restaurants thanks to the Coronavirus, as places where people meet each other and relax are out of bounds during lockdown. The latest measures are in place until at least mid February, but there is some optimism due to the arrival of vaccines. The latest rules say that people can only leave home for certain reasons permitted in law. These include shopping for essentials or getting to work if it’s absolutely impossible to work from home. Other acceptable reasons are for exercise, to seek medical assistance like getting a Covid test, or to escape domestic abuse.

Cases of the disease are on the rise everywhere, and the new variant is not only more transmissible, but now they believe, more deadly. In fact, if the situation continues, there is a real risk of the NHS becoming overwhelmed in many areas. The hospitality sector has suffered significantly in the last year, and closures have been widespread. Essential shops are allowed to open during lockdown, and there is some confusion about what this means.

The guidelines say that food shops, pharmacies, supermarkets and garden centres are among those that may stay open. Those that must remain closed are the likes of homeware and clothing stores, tobacconists, vape shops, card shops, betting shops and car showrooms [unless for rental]. This is just part of a long list. People can still order takeaway food, and several establishments have been able to adjust. Cafés, pubs, restaurants and other venues may provide food and non alcoholic drinks for takeaway before 11pm. Although alcoholic drinks are a no no for these services.

Many businesses are taking this opportunity to upgrade or make changes to their premises, using specialists such as our associate business TK Retail Design. Some of these modifications may be as a result of the pandemic, with companies thinking ahead. TK Retail Design have a vast expertise in transforming spaces for a stunning and highly functional outcome.


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The Endless Versatility of Steel


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steelYou would be hard pushed to find a material as useful and versatile as steel, used widely in all industries. It is the material behind the toughest, most colossal steel bridge as well as the finest precision designed surgeons scalpel. Endlessly manipulable steel can be fashioned into practical and necessary components or spectacular and beautiful artworks. We use steel in our everyday lives in an infinite number of ways, shaped, polished and moulded into cars, refrigerators, saucepans, locks, lamps, furniture, tin cans etc. The list goes on as steel makes our lives easier, whatever the item or appliance there is usually some part of it that contains a form of steel.

Around 70% of steel is produced by reducing iron ores to iron, also called hot metal or pig iron. Then the iron is converted to steel, cast and rolled finally ending up as coil, bars or plate sections. As most produced steel remains in use for decades, there is always a demand for recycled steel. Once steel structures are no longer wanted, they are generally dismantled, melted down and recycled. This is typically the way things have been done in the past, but there is now a definite push towards reusing steel.

Recycling steel can be a costly process as well as not all that environmentally friendly, which is why reusing the material is an excellent option. Of the thousands of construction projects carried out within the UK, many are cancelled for one reason or another. This surplus steel would at one time have been melted down as a matter of course. However, there has been a rethink, and where possible, sections are reclaimed, bolts removed and girders etc are primed ready for their new function.

The change will benefit forward thinking companies within the industry such as Salford Engineering. There are still a few issues around re-using steel, such as the quality of the existing steel, which has to be up to standard. According to the Steel Construction Institute (SCI), the steel must have been produced after 1970. There can also be no evidence of fire or impact damage, which could affect the material’s integrity.


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Hatfield Transformation

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Mini Digger HireThere is a bit of a ‘new normal’ these days in so many aspects of our lives, and where we live is a major one! We have had to rethink our priorities a little, and one of the ways in which people are starting to adjust, is in the type of places we live. City centres have always been appealing to many, thanks to offices, cafés, bars, gyms, museums, cinemas and shops. With the current health crisis, these areas are now less desirable, that’s when they are even open for business.

Those seeking new homes are increasingly seeking a more spacious location, although the countryside can have it’s disadvantages too. Public transport can be patchy, internet connections may be hit and miss and amenities can be few and far between. A popular solution to this issue is the regeneration of places like Hatfield, combining high quality homes with plenty of green space.

There are exciting plans to transform the High View area of Hatfield, by creating 150 homes and 19 retail units. As well as the homes and outlets, the proposal includes a doctor’s surgery and children’s play area. The locale in question has experienced significant problems due to things like old deteriorated buildings, unused abandoned public spaces, and badly designed servicing areas.

The 45m program is hoped to stop the decline in it’s tracks and create a more ‘des res’ environment by 2031. Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council wish to achieve a ‘social heart’ for the borough’s residents and students. They want to deliver a strong community feel supported by excellent facilities and spaces with work carried out by contractors Lovell. One of the changes features the creation of a new street with carefully designed landscaping, and the whole site will benefit from the planting of many trees.

Many professional and private building companies in Hatfield use the services of leading specialists Rhinos Plant Hire. This means reliable, highly maintained state of the art machinery, tools and equipment for excellent results.


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What are the Latest Home Improvement Trends for 2020?

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There has been a lot of activity around professional home improvements and DIY in the last little while, for obvious reasons! But do you ever wonder what the most popular ways are that people are changing their homes? We know that extensions and conservatories have always been major favourites for those wishing to change or upgrade their humble abodes. So the recent Rated People Home Improvement Trends report seems like required reading. They carried out some pretty extensive research which included talking to tradespeople, home-owners, and also analysing a million jobs throughout the UK.

What did they discover?

These findings aren’t just interesting from an idle curiosity perspective, they offer important information for those wishing to sell their homes in the not too distant future. Giving potential sellers a heads up about what buyers are looking for, and consequently an advantage. It’s also good news for specialists in the industry such as SJP Building Services.

  • Open plan becoming less requested

The research revealed evidence that open plan living is decreasing, as people seem to want separate living spaces. Work that involves replacing a previously removed wall has increased 350% in 2020.

  • Tone it down

Toning down the décor and making the home less ‘individual’ or unusual has been top of the list for many this year, as more generic surroundings will sell a home faster.

  • Renovation

Apparently millennials are the most likely group to carry out major renovations in 2020, thought partly due to the lack of housing. This forces people to buy a less desirable property with a view to renovating.

  • Eco Friendly Home Improvements

This type of home upgrade is becoming incredibly widespread as awareness about sustainability and carbon footprints grows. It was a priority for 14% of home owners in 2019 and that figure is expected to double by the end of 2020

  • Secure and safe environments

Protecting our homes has been an ongoing concern, with the biggest popularity spike being installation of fire alarms, up by 178%. Installation of CCTV is up 134% and security gate installation has risen by 72%.


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Hiring your Plant Machinery in Barnet

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Plant HireThe UK construction equipment hire market was estimated to be worth around £5m in 2018, and is forecast to grow by approximately 11% by 2023. All sorts of businesses hire plant machinery, tools and equipment including building contractors, local authorities, civil engineers, industrial companies and home owners. Earth moving equipment like excavators, dumpers and skid steers, represent some of the most popular machines. Lifting and access equipment are also key, such as powered access, scaffolding and ladders.

The need for increased numbers of new dwellings is a significant focus within Government policy, the original desired target being 300,000 new homes a year by 2020. Many experts correctly felt that this target was unrealistic and further so after the Coronavirus crisis. House building is expected to continue growing at a healthy pace, and housing and apartment developments call for a variety of construction equipment.

Many companies opt to hire plant machinery and tools rather than purchase for a number of reasons, the main one being the price. Heavy plant machinery features state of the art design technology, and represents a substantial investment. Even where construction companies plan to eventually buy their own machinery, it pays to hire first and ‘try out’ certain makes and models. Hiring also means no maintenance or storage hassles, as with owning machinery, tools and equipment. There are no worries about depreciation either with hire vehicles, and you can benefit from constantly updated models.

Companies such as Rhinos Plant Hire have seen a surge in demand recently for their plant machinery and tools. Some of this may be attributed to more work getting done on homes due to many people being furloughed. The expected uptake of housing developments in places like Barnet will be another contributing factor to increased need for plant hire.

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