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Welfare Units – A ‘Must Have’ on the Construction Site

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Welfare UnitsWelfare units are well known throughout the construction industry, although not everybody is clear about their purpose. Facilities such as welfare units can increasingly be found at building sites or anywhere where hard physical work is carried out. It is now a legal requirement for site managers to ensure that staff have access to necessary amenities.

Welfare units [sometimes called Groundhog cabins] provide a place to relax, shelter, get clean, eat and attend to personal needs. They offer everything in one self-contained space and are particularly useful in extreme weather. It is difficult to carry out demanding work in high temperatures and freezing conditions. Apart from anything else, nobody performs well if they’re cold, soaked through and uncomfortable.

Rhinos Plant Hire have a range of mobile welfare units for hire from leading manufacturers Boss Cabins, perfect for your project in Croydon. These cabins have been designed with every consideration in mind whether you need a canteen, office, storage area or all of the above. Being mobile they can be moved to wherever they are needed, and are completely versatile. As mentioned this type of welfare facility is now a government requirement, and fines have already been issued. They are of course even more important since Covid 19 appeared, and frequent washing of hands etc became essential.

Welfare units should be safe, secure, clean, accessible and well maintained, they avoid the dilemma of finding somewhere to use the toilet and clean up. Boss units have seating areas, tables, basic food and drink preparation, storage, charging facilities, chemical toilets and drying rooms. They come in a choice of sizes and specifications depending on how many people are to be catered to. Check out the comprehensive range of plant machinery, tools, equipment and welfare units at Rhinos

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The Endless Versatility of Steel


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steelYou would be hard pushed to find a material as useful and versatile as steel, used widely in all industries. It is the material behind the toughest, most colossal steel bridge as well as the finest precision designed surgeons scalpel. Endlessly manipulable steel can be fashioned into practical and necessary components or spectacular and beautiful artworks. We use steel in our everyday lives in an infinite number of ways, shaped, polished and moulded into cars, refrigerators, saucepans, locks, lamps, furniture, tin cans etc. The list goes on as steel makes our lives easier, whatever the item or appliance there is usually some part of it that contains a form of steel.

Around 70% of steel is produced by reducing iron ores to iron, also called hot metal or pig iron. Then the iron is converted to steel, cast and rolled finally ending up as coil, bars or plate sections. As most produced steel remains in use for decades, there is always a demand for recycled steel. Once steel structures are no longer wanted, they are generally dismantled, melted down and recycled. This is typically the way things have been done in the past, but there is now a definite push towards reusing steel.

Recycling steel can be a costly process as well as not all that environmentally friendly, which is why reusing the material is an excellent option. Of the thousands of construction projects carried out within the UK, many are cancelled for one reason or another. This surplus steel would at one time have been melted down as a matter of course. However, there has been a rethink, and where possible, sections are reclaimed, bolts removed and girders etc are primed ready for their new function.

The change will benefit forward thinking companies within the industry such as Salford Engineering. There are still a few issues around re-using steel, such as the quality of the existing steel, which has to be up to standard. According to the Steel Construction Institute (SCI), the steel must have been produced after 1970. There can also be no evidence of fire or impact damage, which could affect the material’s integrity.


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