Terrazzo for Commercial Applications

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When it comes to floors in places like airports, shops, hospitals, factories and schools you need a product that not only looks good, but that can withstand any amount of traffic. This includes feet and also heavy trolley’s, machinery and other mobile equipment being continually pushed or pulled across the surface.

The right flooring choice in these environments is crucial if you wish to avoid frequent repair and replacement troubles. Terrazzo flooring is practical, functional and visually pleasing, with its interesting details and glossy finish. Its scratch and stain resistant nature makes it perfect for coping with the punishment doled out to these floors on a daily basis.

Tarrazzo floor is a composite consisting of chips of quartz, marble, granite, glass, or other materials including metal which are poured with a cement binder. It originated in 16th century Italy, and was it’s purpose was to reuse stone offcuts. Smooth and tactile, this type of flooring is an investment, and is also available as tiles for walls and floors. Its longevity has been noted by stone specialists who are often called out to restore 100 year old Terrazzo flooring.

This flooring system is appearing in some of the most prestigious establishments such as Leicester Square Kitchen, a restaurant in the centre of London’s iconic square. Home and business owners are frequently spoilt for choice when buying Terrazzo flooring, as colour and design options are numerous. It’s great for use with underfloor heating, and if treated for water resistance is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. As it can be moulded, it is even being used to make furniture and other items.

If installed and maintained by experts, well looked after Terrazzo floor is a joy to behold, fits into any decorating scheme, and will raise the profile of any property.

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