Retail architecture

In the field of architecture for retail premises, we find that our retail specialism frequently proves to be of considerable value to our clients. Developers' architects tend to design with the landlord's requirements foremost in mind.

We design with our client's particular retail activity in mind. We have seen some beautiful concept drawings for retail outlets; but when we see the detail of the design we have found that inside window cleaning is not facilitated, or totally inadequate provision has been made for storage of stock. We have even seen offices designed into flat roof space - which was the only permissible location for the store's air conditioning equipment!

Castle Galleries, Harrods, London

Castle Galleries, Harrods, London

Shop Fitting Contractors Service  

Turn Key Projects are specialist shop fitting contractors, offering a comprehensive store design and installation consultancy service.

Our shop fitting contracting services include:

Planning Applications Re-design, Extension & Refurbishment

Arranging Planning applications, Building Regulations and obtaining approvals.

Health & Safety Compliance

Dealing with health & safety compliance related issues such as disabled access provision, CDM regulations & the preparation of the health & safety file.

Negotiation For Clients

Advice to clients or negotiation on their behalf on cost liabilities prior to lease and approvals.

Re-design, Refurbishment & Full fit out project management

From conception to completion. There are numerous potential pitfalls to deal with in rolling out retail outlets. During our time in shop fitting we believe we have seen most of them!

In house specialist skills

A range of specialist skills is required such as architects, quantity surveyors, planning supervisors, building regulations specialists and sometimes, structural engineering. At Turn Key we provide all of these skills within our package.

This is particularly attractive to retail businesses who wish to develop a network of stores but would prefer not to incur the significant overhead cost of bringing all of these skills in house.

We have detailed experience in book stores, sportswear, pharmacies, furniture showrooms, electrical stores, supermarkets, car showrooms, banks, building societies, pubs and clubs. We deal with several major retail chains & museums and have completed over 700 shop fit-outs.

Office Design, Shop Fitting & Refurbishment Contractors
TK Projects also applies its expertise in design and re-fit contracting to offices, colleges, schools and clinics. To see details of office refit contracts undertaken visit Office Fit Outs Page.

All of our designs are pleasing to the eye (for commendations see Referrals Page). Of paramount importance, they are practical and facilitate the efficient operation of our clients' business activity.